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Corporate tax staffs face increasing demands on their time and resources to comply with new and existing federal tax laws and regulations. Therefore, the federal interest that results from tax underpayments or overpayments is probably not perceived as the highest priority. Although the IRS continues to strive to compute interest correctly, the tax laws concerning underpayment or overpayment of interest are complex and ever-changing. The IRS has admitted being unable to program its computers to compute the correct amount of interest for every situation. As a result, some factors that affect interest computations compel the IRS to compute interest manually. Whether IRS computations are computed electronically or manually, taxpayers should never assume the interest paid to or received from the IRS is correct.

To successfully recover overpaid interest you have to know exactly where to look. Our unsurpassed knowledge of this complex area of tax law, as well as IRS regulations and procedures, levels the playing field for our clients and makes the recovery process much easier.


Because our clients have some clear advantages:

Our interest recovery tax professionals average more than 30 years of experience with the IRS. They know the tax law and procedures better than almost anyone.

Instead of potentially spending hundreds of hours of staff time on interest recovery, clients can devote more time to more strategic responsibilities and leave this specialized area to to those who know it well.

We are not an accounting firm, confined by many of the requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley.

We are not generalists. The very specific tax issues we focus on may be unfamiliar even to some CPA firms.

We work primarily on a pay-for-performance basis, receiving a fee only if and when you receive an interest recovery refund.

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